Master Lei Gao 高磊

Master Gao was born in Dengfeng, Henan Province.  Living at the foothill of Mount Song where Shaolin Temple is located, Gao was always enthusiastic about Kung Fu at an early age and began training in martial arts at the age of 5 years old. Through twenty years of persistent training under many renowned Masters, Gao learned Traditional Form, Hand Fist (Quan), Short Weapons,  Long Weapons, Soft Weapons, I Ching Qigong, and Shaolin Hard Qigong.  Master Gao’s specialties include Shaolin Soft Weapons, Shaolin Sword, Traditional Hand Fist, and Chinese Sanda.

Since 2001, Gao has participated in numerous Chinese martial arts competitions and won countless medals and championships of several distinguished U.S. competitions. In addition, Master Gao has been invited to participate in multiple lectures and competitions in many countries around the world and was interviewed on television and other cultural exchanges. 

Over the years, Master Gao has traveled and performed all over the world including Canada, Korea, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.  Throughout a six-month European tour with other world's top performers, Gao performed in many sold out shows with over ten thousand spectators at each performance. During the Canada tour, Gao’s performance managed to spark the wide attention of the media and was widely reported on news, magazines, and newspaper.  With the attention of such extraordinary skills, Gao was invited to meet with the Chinese Canadian Ambassador.  In the United States, he has performed in numerous tours across the country and was recurring in several hundred shows in Las Vegas. In addition to performing on stage, Gao also engaged in theater performance and consulted in martial arts techniques with Cirque du Soleil, one of the world’s most well-known theatrical producers.

Master Gao began his martial arts teaching career at a young age of 20 years old.  He was appointed the assistant head coach at Shaolin Mount Qipang Martial Arts School.  Gao holds a 6th level black belt of the International Wushu Sanshoudao Association.





曾於歐洲最大的無樑大棚 “鳳凰舞台”和世界頂尖的演員一起演出達半年之久,期間能容納萬人觀眾的劇場裡場場爆滿,坐無虛設。更曾於各世界著名大型舞台劇,如英國的功夫大師、法國的鳳凰馬戲團、美國的CHI OF SHAOLIN(JUNGUA)、加拿大的TOHU等擔任功夫主演, 在各國的演出均引起當地很大轟動;於加拿大表演期間更是被媒體廣泛報導,甚至中國駐加拿大大使亦親臨會場而在參與演出同時,亦和眾世界頂尖的太陽馬戲團團員進行表演和功夫技術探討。



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