Master Ke Zhao 趙軻

Master Zhao was born in Zhongmou, Henan Province and began learning martial arts at the age of 5 years old.  He was mystified with the legends and tales of Shaolin Kung Fu at a very young age and wanted to fulfill his dream as a Martial Arts Master. 

After training and practicing diligently for many years, his hard work finally paid off.  Zhao was invited to many distinguished Kung Fu performances at different provinces in China. Thereafter, Zhao was asked to join and had the privilege to become part of the International Shaolin Tour performing around the globe.  During the tour, he traveled and performed over a dozen countries across Europe including Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Wachovia.  The tour also took him to the United States where he performed in many cities around the country including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, Seattle, Orlando and Las Vegas.  His most memorable performance was in New York City at the Madison Square Garden.  Madison Square Garden was the place where artists and entertainers around the world dream of performing and he had the pleasure of performing there.  The performances attracted the media and produced great impressions to the audience and people they visited.  Zhao is deeply honored to be part of this experience and that all his training and hard work has paid off.
Master Zhao began his teaching career in 2009, and has since trained many students become skillful martial artists.  Zhao holds a 5th level black belt of the International Wushu Sanshoudao Association and was the youngest to achieve such level at the time.

1990年生於河南鄭州市。從小習武於少林,對少林功夫有著一種神祕難以言喻的感覺。在寺內和師兄弟們苦練了數年,經歷了不少的風風雨雨,最後終於功夫不負有心人,受邀在中國多個省份參加大型演出,極為重要的是為河南省的多個城市,帶來多次重要的公益演出。後更被邀請隨團出國表演,幾年間到訪過數十個國家,包括歐洲、俄羅斯、烏克蘭、愛沙尼亞、拉多維亞、白俄羅斯等,所到之處均受到各界一致好評。而在美國亦到多處巡迴公演,如舊金山、羅杉磯、好萊塢、波特蘭、西雅圖、格蘭頓、奧克蘭、達拉斯、佛羅里達等地、還有被譽為人間天堂,有世界第一賭城之稱的拉斯維加斯;以及紐約三大殿堂之一的麥迪遜世界廣場,能在許多世界名人嚮往的劇院演出,是能人難忘的美好經歷。而這一連串成功的演出吸引了大批記者和媒體的追蹤報導,引起海內外巨大轟動。 後於2009年開始教授學生,並經考核成為最年輕的散手道黑帶五段大師級教練。為尚德精武學院創辦人。


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