Martial Arts for Healing

The benefits – How Qi Gong and Tai Chi improves Health

According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic stressful life situations can increase the risk of depression. Studies have shown a link between stress brought on by work and physical illness.

Qi Gong is the ancient art of movement, meditation and breathing in order to improve overall health, maintain balance between mind and body and reduce stress levels. Qi Gong has been used for healing for centuries in China.

The discipline combines movement, breathing techniques and meditation  to maintain a healthy balance between mind and body, energizing the flow of Qi – the natural life energy.


Tai Chi focuses on controlled motion and breathing, which puts your mind and body into a relaxed but energized state. Tai Chi’s specific combination of meditation and flowing movements can help relieve stress and anxiety and is known to improve concentration and improve the quality of sleep.


Traditional Qi Gong and Tai Chi encourages peacefulness and improves blood circulation, especially for adults. Continued practice will enhance the spirit, build mind agility and improve well-being.


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